Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Introducing GLO TV NETWORKS!

I would like to be the among the first to introduce you to GLO TV NETWORK! GLO TV Network is The Urban LGBT Network! GLO TV is an innovative, national TV network. Amazing new shows, films and entertainment made for YOU: the Urban LGBT audience, friends and family! GLO TV launches late Summer 2010!

GLO TV is the baby of Chief Creative Officer, Maurice Jamal who we all know and love in this community from his hit films "Dirty Laundry", "Ski Trip" and it's spin-off "Friends and Lovers". Speaking of that project, I hope Maurice brings that with hit to GLO TV!

Now, I cant give you all the info. I would love to but this is just a sneak peek. I have know Maurice Jamal for years, been a fan of the work that he has done and I'll have a full exclusive interview in April 2010. And while their marketing campaign doesn't start for several weeks I couldn't contain my excitement and after begging him, he gave me a little advance info on the network.

Maurice had this to say about starting GLO: "The last time I was this excited was when I wrote the script for Dirty Laundry. And just as I knew how amazing that movie would be, I am even more excited by GLO, because I know what it will be, can do and represents. This is the most important thing I have ever done in my career."

When I asked what made GLO TV different from Embrace Networks this is what Maurice said: "My focus has been on GLO and making it AMAZING, so I can't really speak to any other effort. I know the guys running it, they're wonderful guys and I wish the well. For me, what is important is that GLO TV is the best network possible. Period. Not the best gay network. Not the best urban network. The best. That's always my goal. My partners and I have all worked in national TV and film for years, and we took the time to make sure that we do this right. OUR COMMUNITY DESERVES THE BEST. GLO will present something that the whole community can be proud of. We have programming that stands toe-to-toe with the best of cable and network TV without a doubt! I don't want anyone to watch GLO because we have gay programs, or because we have urban programs. I want them to watch GLO because GLO is AMAZING."

When asked what exactly an Urban LGBT Network is, Maurice had this to say: "Urban is Black, Latino, Asian, it's even a couple funky white folks (LOL). But seriously, the urban gay community is the one that has been on the cutting edge of popular culture and we're also the ones most impacted by politics and the biggest headlines of the day. Wherever and whoever urban gay America is, that's what GLO represents".

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algie said...

get it maurice!!! i am so happy for him