Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aaron McGruder bringing back ‘Boondocks’ on Adult Swim May 12

Aaron McGruder bringing back ‘Boondocks’ on Adult Swim May 12

BoondocksAfter two-year break, Aaron McGruder tweeted that he will be bringing back “Boondocks” on Adult Swim May 2. Adult Swim confirmed the return date via twitter today.

McGruder created 30 episodes over two seasons of this controversial animated series based on his former comic strip. The show debuted in late 2005. The last original episode aired in February 2008 and drew 1.6 million viewers.

The satirical show features a black family that moves to the suburbs and grapples with culture shock. Huey is the afrocentrist, who faces off against an often skeptical brother Riley and grandfather, who is their legal guardian.

Two episodes season two were not aired on Adult Swim with no official explanation why. Both were harshly critical of BET. The episodes did make it on the Boondocks season two DVD.

There are a tone of video samples from the show on YouTube. I had trouble finding any that was even close to PG. Most involve violence or just plain bad language. Someone did post some advance photos for the season:

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