Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life As a Promoter- Part 4

From the Desk of King in Miami
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Promotion also has a dark side. I have turn a blind eye to a lot of B.S. at times. Usually if it does not affect my event, I don’t get involved and I let it slide, however people sometimes try to get over on you. And we have other promoters, who will step on your toes or at least try too. Some believe they can do a better job than you. For example, over the winter, getting people to the Vault on Saturday nights has been a daunting task. We had the long established and heavy weight Club Boi on one end, Disko-techka on the other, No-Cover Twist, and Vault Miami all in the mix trying to vie for this Saturday night crowd. Saturday nights have really been the thorn in my side. It is hard to get people to come out to a fairly new establishment to party on a Saturday. Anyway, unknown to me, the owners decided to give another promoter a chance to promote Saturday nights. This was never communicated to me until after the fact. And the other promoter was kind of stand offish to me, and said to me “We are going to get this place packed on Saturdays!” I just nodded and said, sarcastically “okay”. In the back of my mind, I kind of laughed, and said to myself, if you can do it better than me, go ahead! Keep in mind; I had tried every trick in the book to draw in this Saturday night crowd. They were just not coming out.

The promoter takes over Saturdays, the 1st Saturday night was a hit! Large crowd, and everything seemed peachy until the 2nd and 3rd week and 4th week came around. The Saturday crowd died off as expected. And we were back at square one with Saturday nights and the crowd being sporadic. One of the Vault employees, said Lamar, you should help him out. I replied with a stern, “No.” I was a little pissed off on how the whole thing had gone down. The promoter stated to one of my associates that Lamar can’t have a guestlist for Saturdays anymore, even though I was accustom to having a guestlist of 25 people. So from my angle, I was thinking, let him crash and burn, which is exactly what had happened. I guess the owners had come to realize that their business relationship with this promoter was not working and asked me to provide a guestlist once again for the following week. So I was back to promotinh Saturdays once again. This may have pissed the promoter off, because he wrote ON A PIECE A PAPER to the owners, that he QUIT and left the establishment with his DJ in tow. LOL! It’s not funny but it is. And it was not like he was doing a bad job; it was all about the night. Saturday night is a bitch! He thought he could do a better job than me, but that was definitely not the case. Anyone can be a promoter, but can you be a successful promoter, that is a harder question to answer.

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