Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Are We The Kind of Boys We Want?" by Yolo Akili

I was forwarded this great video earlier today by poet Yolo Akil here out of NYC and I wanted to share it with you guys. The poem is called "Are We The Kind of Boys We Want" which is A Docu-Poem on Black Gay Men, Gender & Desire”. The poem talks about the stereotypes or sexual roles and the challenges we as black gay men face when it comes to relationships. The video incles blogger and friend Darian Aaron,Anthony Antoine, singer Anye Elite and a host of other influential black gay leaders here in the community.

Akili says:

I wrote this poem in college after realizing that me and my friends, who would definitely be considered “feminine”, not only never liked boys like us, but often seemed disgusted at them. I began to wonder what it meant when a reflection of you walks by and you are repulsed. The poem is about just that, pondering what that kind of behavior means for our own self esteem and self image in the context of gender and sexuality.

More info on poet Yolo Akili
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Video for the Third poetry single from Yolo Akili's album "Purple Galaxy".

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