Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 weeks ago I decided to step out on faith and finally start to live my dreams and aspirations so that I can contiinue to better myself as well as the community I serve and to some is a voice for. # years of living in misery and not being totally happy has broght me to this point where i am right now, Living in the Big City of New York and even though the lights are shining bright i will conquer the city and in the  process hopefully united a community that is divided. I was having a conversation early this morning with a mentor and we discussed the dysfunctionalism that us bloggers have come too. I remeber waking up when blogging was first the IT thing and reading the blogs of Keith Boykin, Frank Roberts, Trent Jackson, Derrick Briggs, Clay Cane, Rodney Snell and a host of other young talented black gay men that looked like me voicing their opinions on issues affecting our community..

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