Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is what we protested for???!!! The Game get's an F- so far

With this episode of the game we rejoin Derwin and Mel who has told him DJ was his son. oooooohhhh shocker there. I really don't care anymore this has become so dramatic for no real reason. Have we just been pimped by the BET machine??? Because this look like some VH1 reality show! Tasha Mack who was my favorite Character has become just your angry black woman with no punch lines and is it me or did Kelly become a borderline racist? And what Happened to Melanie when we left her two years ago she had grown up and started to own her life and now 2 years later she has become your typical housewife who gave up on herself to support her man with a baby by another chick... Have we not seen this before??? Is this all we can amount to when fame and fortune is involved? I think not. I'm almost offended enough to boycott for them to take it off the air. Jason has gone crazier and is a waist of screen time, Malik should be burried somewhere and Tee Tee should be the one to do it... I really don't know how far down this show can go but it looks as if this coaster is going all the way down before there is some light anywhere... ugh....Brazil

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