Tuesday, January 11, 2011

THE GAME delievers the HIGH drama..

With the much anticipated return of the Game and it delivered high drama and a back story but it seemed as if when BET decided to bring the show back they also added alot of dead weight to it as well. Let's start with Kelly it seemed 2 years ago she was on this clear path of Independence and after two years she has turned in to your usual jaded sports wife who doesn't work and cries about everything ugh.. Then they added Megan Good all I can say is she is pretty much playing herself or typical cute girl that's a slut but nice she has a job though. Terrance J no check extension there co host of 106 and park not bad acting but please give the boy some ham. Sheree??? wtf ... As a fan who boycotted for this show to stay on air. I will watch but I want my show back ...

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