Monday, July 20, 2009

Final Day Coverage of Miami Beach Bruthaz

From the Desk of King in Miami
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The final day of Miami Beach Bruthaz 09 was bitter sweet. I have to be honest, I attended Miami Beach Bruthaz last year and was reluntant to take this assignment. But I love to support our local events and promoters. I had an "okay" time last year and was kind of anxious to see whow things would turn out this year, considering the economy, etc. But I am glad to report MBB did a 180 degree turn in my mind with the event planning, host hotel, club venues, seminars and workshops. Reflecting back on the past 4 days, I am left with a "warm" feeling. Something I haven't felt in a long time. After reporting and also seeing reports of black event planners/promoters taking advantage of our community, it was great to see a LGBT event break that stereotype. Ian and his crew put on a great event with substance and still kept in mind who they were catering to. MBB didnt loose their vision and everyone still has rent money for next week. It was great seeing all the sexy fellas from around the country converge on South Beach for 4 days of fun-in-the-sun. I congratulate Ian, event producer, and his staff on a fine job. The events were very much on point, from Evolve at Score to the MBB and Mundo Fashion Show. Quality events without the over top prices. I didn't hear not one person complain about the cost because everything was reasonable. Other event promoters could learn from Ian and his crew. Again Miami Beach Bruthaz, GREAT JOB!

My last day of Miami Beach Bruthaz would take me to Palace Bar on Ocean Drive for brunch and happy hour. And when I tell you the drag shows had traffic on Ocean Drive come to a gridding halt. The kidz were doing their show in the street at one point. Everyone loved it, the boyz at Palace, and the tourists who happened to be walking by. It was one of the those moments of Miami Beach Bruthaz that we will be talking about for years to come. I am making my reservations now, I will definitely be back for MBB 2010.

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