Monday, July 20, 2009

10th Annual Al Sura White Attire Affair-Washington DC

This years's White Attire Affair was simply AMAZING! by far one of the best and classy events I have been to in a good long time. From the moment i walked into the doors of the Onyx in Southeast DC at 7pm until I left at 1230am I throughly enjoyed every second of it. From the open bar to the hospitality of the staff to the food and the folks in attendance. The White Attire Affair after being away from a 1 year hiatus it resurface back this year to a small but intimate crowd of 315 people in attendance this year. Even though it did not have thousands of folks in attendance it still lived up to its name and hype and coming back from a rebound. There's nothing wrong starting off small and rebuilding the fundamentals. As a friend put it quality over qaunity is always a plus in my book. You could still have lots of people and a whack event. But I salute Abdul Rahim Briggs and his staff on an breathe taking and rejuvenated event. Stay tuned later this week, hopefully each day i will bring you video and footage from this year's event and if you missed it shame on you! 2010 this will be DC Premiere Event of the year an event not to be missed! I am telling you now July 2010 will be FIRE!

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