Wednesday, April 22, 2009

30 Days til SIZZLE MIAMI May 21-26

Let the mayhem begin folks with exactly 30 days til hundreds of thousands of people descent onto South Florida 4 what is annually known as Black Beach Weekend 4 the straights. The weekend is also known as Sizzle Miami 4 the gays. Expect pure heat all weekend long. The weekend STARTS THURSDAY MAY 21 and ENDS TUESDAY MORNING MAY 26. Andresflava will have HEAVY EXTENSIVE WALL TO WALL COVERAGE OF SIZZLE MIAMI 2009. Next week we will reveal the coverage details so stay tuned 4 that. For those that can please make sure to start your Sizzle Weekend on Thursday. Each day as we get closer people are confirming tickets to Miami. I so far know of 30 people coming 4 sizzle and. That will be mainly the people I will be hanging with all yes I roll deep. Shouts out to Dwight Powell and Luis who were here in DC this past Saturday 4 the Sizzle Miami Tour. I indeed got my life! Dj Unknown and Dj JFK did there thing. So they will definately be bringing the heat along with DC own House Muther Dj Sedrick also Miami's own Dj Gavin T who if u ever been to Club Boi in Miami u already known Gavin will be giving it to the kids.

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Anonymous said...

Hey 'Dre...
If you belong to Facebook, there's a Sizzle Miami 2009 page that you can hook up with the shows some of the others that will be hangin' in Miami... see you there, baby!