Sunday, December 7, 2008

This game is over by Justbthat

This post is courtesy of Jon Perry over at who did an excellent post take a view.

Inspiration comes from the strangest places. Here I am at 5 am — high and bored not so much horny, but just chatting on A4A — talking to people about their plans for the weekend.

I get a message from a guy in Detroit. “Whad up doe… do u ever cum to da detroit area?”

“Never been!”

“Ok… would you ever be interested in visiting?”

“Actually I would… why you ask?”

His response was one of the most typical I’d ever heard. It went something exactly like this:

Well I am lookin for a true friend. I moved up here about 2 and half years ago from Florida and there is nothing up here but games… So I am lookin for someone to kick it with out of the area…

You know, sometimes I amaze even me.

I told him,

Know which games are yours to participate in and which are not.No matter where we go, people will play games. We have to learn for ourself when to shout UNO, yell YAHTZEE and even cry SORRY. Then there are times when we have to raise up and say fuck this, you cheated — you broke the rules — this game is over.

That’s not just related to love relationships but in our day to day interactions with people who try to force us to play their game day in and day out.

We play the games until we tired of playing them and if we continue, we are the ones who get played and become bitter.

Know which games are yours to participate in and which are not.

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