Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Strong Black Man 4 A Strong Black Man

A Strong Black Man yes this is true
but dont be so strong putting up walls thinking I will hurt you
trust my heart to be true
I dont pause and think before saying I love you
it's something I just do
look into my brown eyes they tell the truth
it's never my goal to offend you
sometimes I say things to get a reaction from you
and thats only because I cant read you
I'm just reaching out to touch you
dont let your heart be as cold as your hands
I know like a stone wall you're a Strong Black Man

I would never degrade you
disrespecting your manhood just aint cool
your money is not what attracted me to you
the Lago’ you drive does not make you
where you live makes me think no more or less of you
nor does the clothes you wear hell
I love you naked boo
I want what's best for you
but I dont care about
how long or which one or even if
you attended school
as long as for yourself you continue to improve

25,35,45 and beyond
every Strong Black Man I know
has at least one scrape, scratch or scar
take it for what it is chop it up as a loss
One day a another Strong Black Man's path you will cross
dont be so strong that you forget to bend
what could be more perfect than a mate like a twin
two powerful forces a Strong Black Man with his Strong Black Man

I know this Strong Black Man has alot of work of his own to do
I have to learn to bend just like you
tear down these bricks I've mounted between me and you
I know your worth and I already trust in you
Strong Black man I'm calling out to you
trust in me by trusting in yourself
work with the cards dealt
this Strong Black Man needs his Strong Black Man
come with me now let me warm your cold hands

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