Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekend Comedy Relief

The Gay Man's "bag"

Body: Whether str8 acting, or flamboyant it's a way of life to carry some form of a "Bag" with you at all times as a gay man on the go. This can be in the form of a book bag, man purse, or woman's purse...Inside you're sure to find:

1. One baggie of Trojan condoms that were given out free at the clinic, or club.
(Durex are usually too small, or maybe that's just me)

One moderately sized bottle of "wet" lubricant

chap stick, or lip balm

4. (for my trade nikkas and bout it ass punks) a dime bag of weed accompanied by a lighter, and atleast ONE swisher, cigarillo, dutch, or zig zags.
{grinder and blunt splitter may be found on keychain}

5. (for the pretty boys and possible drag queens) you may stumble upon MAC foundation and eyeliner. (if nothing else they gotta make sure that haircut looks brand new with drawn in edges and unrealistically sharp eyebrows).

6. (For the stunt queens) you may find a bottle of mase, pepper spray, some form of a blade, and atleast two major credit cards that are NOT theirs.

7. Communication is everything. dont be surprised if you find a treo, blackberry, G1, sidekick, iPhone, or some other phone with internet capabilities so that they can browse the hell outta BGC or A4A! maybe even call the PL if they not feeling the net.

8. (for the overnight punks and "househoppers") be on the lookout for toothbrush, toothpaste, change of underwear, and a durag/scarf/stocking cap to tie down dreads, braids, or keep tight waves in a brush cut.

-i could only come up with 8. if anyone has anymore, feel free to add them. much appreciate it.

Thanks to October model"Dexter Blunt" 4 the list

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