Monday, November 3, 2008

Introducing Love & Rock Clothing Line

Founder D Hayes
D.Hayes, 29 founder / designer / president, Love&ROCK - Wearable Art

Teacher turned Designer Donald Hayes...

It's not a T-shirt its a Movement

ED Hardy, Von Dutch, and Donald Hayes? The last name may not sound familiar just yet, but Hayes the creator and designer of "Love and ROCK" will definitely be on everyone's hot list, of must haves this year. Hayes offers exclusive yet affordable T-shirts and original handbags ranging from $25 to $75.00.

Love & ROCK established in 2007, is an upscale fashion T-shirt line inspired by the influence of Hip Hop and Rock. "L&R is a combination of what loves means to me and my take on rock it's the marriage of the two." Hayes has created a contemporary T-shirt line that has the look and feel of vintage inspired designs. These designs grew from his dislike of "generic" trendy t-shirts. " I recognize trends but I'm not playing into them I concentrate on what I like so that my shirts are timeless pieces".

Each design has a signature mark of an art pen. " The art pen symbolizes me spilling graphics onto an empty canvas my shirts are a work of art." Many of the L&R designs are hand painted making each shirt original and more exclusive. L&R is a brand for all people. There are no limitations of its appeal to today's urban melting pot. " My designs have the ability to be dressed up or down depending on the look your going for, I want the people who wear my clothes to make their own assumptions of what I mean, that is the true essence of creativity".

Love & ROCK is a fashion line inspired by the influence of Love, Hip Hop and Rock. Love & ROCK captures the soul and essence ROCK and HIP-HOP into each thread. L&R exudes an edgy and trend-setting look that sets its unique style apart from other contenders.

Tron from sporting L&R.
L&R has touches of detailed art spread upon fitted hats, T-shirts, jeans and handbags. IT HAS ALL BECOME A CANVAS FOR THE BIRTH OF L&R. I invite you to come along to experience, what the world has been waiting for. I present to you, a living work of art. A piece of me that will become a piece of you....Love & ROCK.


All of my original artwork is printed on high quality brand ring spun cotton tees for both women and men. All Tees our pre-shrunk AND offer a flattering, stylish fit on virtually any body type. To assure this type of quality the two major brands that we use in production is American Apparel and other comparable high quality brands.

Love & ROCK is an environment friendly clothing line, so we will also be offering our customers an 100% ORGANIC fabric (NATURAL & GOOD FOR THE PLANET) alternative that is pesticide and chemical free.

We believe in being Unique and marching to our own drum...ORIGINAL ARTWORK & 1000 PIECE LIMITED PRODUCTION.

Only 1,000 pieces or less will be produced and numbered in each style, making each style a limited edition item. Every person is unique, and every person deserves unique clothing, which is why the artwork is exclusive to Love & ROCK. The distinctive nature of the design strives to capture a specific mood with its intricate, yet understated attention to detail.

D.HAYES has incorporated his unique style with the use of rhinestones, CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE LITTLEST DETAILS, studs, fitted silhouette and foil integrated with feminine & male characters, the pieces reflect his creativity as an artist, free spirit and his love for music.

This is only the beginning!!!

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