Friday, November 21, 2008


Due to alot of personal stuff currently goin on in my life this site will be down for the next few weeks as i gather my thoughts and get myself together.

I started this blog back on September of 2005 after meeting one of the orginial bloggers of the old school era Mr. Frank Roberts at an HIV/AIDS Black Gay Men's Summitt in Brooklyn in August of 2005. Like most blog i dont really dilvuledge my life's lessons to the world since i find it that nothing exciting really happens in my life. So i used this site as more of an entertainment site and also talk about other gay related issues here and there and whateva else is goin on in the world. I have been very addicted to blogging these last 3 years and its time for me to take a step back for a while and get me together and come back stronger and better. So until i return be good and thanks to the countless readers and people who have stopped by thru this journey.

I was first known to the world as Lauderdaleboi1500 and have been featured on countless sites. and then i made a boo boo and some how the site got deleted on my own accord on accident. then i was just andreallen. and now AndresFlava.

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