Saturday, September 28, 2013

THE TROUBLE WITH GOING SOMEWHERE // Teaser Trailer || premieres Tuesday October 1

Ellis and his college buddies, tired of taking the hits from an endless lack of gainful employment, take their dire circumstances into their own hands on the open road -- trading in their college degrees for a life of money, sex, adventure and the high stakes of escapism.

Written by Lamont Pierré and Geno Brooks
Created and Directed by Lamont Pierré
Executive Produced by Jared Wofford, Geno Brooks and Lamont Pierré for BAND of ARTISTS Filmmaking Collective (@BOAcollective)

Moses Jones(Ellis), Borge Etienne (Brandon), Jared Wofford (Travis), Melissa Diane, Kris Branch and Brandy Grant.

Cinematography by Geno Brooks
Music Composed by Mark Kueffner

Below is a snippet of episode 1 which premiere on Tuesday October 1

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