Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pop Life: A Novel By Trent Jackson

The long overdue wait is over, during the last few years Trent Jackson has been quietly working on his upcoming 3rd novel Entitled "Pop Life", and I am please to announced the Cover Art for the Book is Done and the Book should be hitting shelves this summer. I am honor and glad to have had an opportunity to be able to work on the Pop Life Project and help make Trent Jackson's vision and dream a reality and when you guys read the book, You will share a great story that only Trent Jackson knows how to put together. Trent is often described as the misunstood blogger of the Blogger Family because no one can truly understand him, to understand him is to know him and to know him is to love him as I have come to do these last few years.

“Pop Life” closely follows the characters’ rise to New York socialite fame and thoroughly examines their social relationships with each other, how being famous can add complexities to their lives, while further exploring how family plays a part in socialization and lays the ground work for every relationship they have. Throughout the book the characters grapple with depression, unstable relationships, drug abuse, getting over childhood pain while coming to terms with their sexuality and learning how to find balance while leading productive lives.

This is a book that everyone will be able to relate to in one way or another so sit back and buckle up your seatbealt because this summer its all about "Pop Life"

For more info on Trent Jackson or The Pop Life Project log on to http://www.trenttheartist.com/

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