Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome To ATL's 14th Annual Black Gay Pride!

This year for Atlanta's Gay Pride Andre of AndresFlava has decided to show us exactly what jet setting is all about and how to do it the the right way. Andre landed in the Dominican Republic today at about 4 pm for the Labor Day weekend Inferno event, I'm sure he is all set to have a blast this weekend, taking out the minor detail of his bags getting lost (don't worry he will have them by the am).

With that being said the show MUST go on for all of us back in the States! I have the honor of pressing the play button for all of Dre's followers who are looking for the updates on what exactly is going on in ATL this weekend. This weekend will be the 14th Annual Black Gay Pride in Atlanta and one that just may be the most memorable! Though it has started off on a very sad note with losing one of the most loved people in the ATL gay scene Durand Robinson, of the Traxx family, we are sure to celebrate not only gay pride in the black community but the life of one of the people that made it possible for us to have such an enjoyable experience when visiting for the pride celebration.
 Now that he is not here with us physically we know that he is sitting very high and looking down low.

Who am I??? I am Vance G aka ADVANCE of and for the weekend I along with KingNmiami will be your tour guide, the catcher upper, the inside eye of what you may have missed on your left because of the guy you were looking at on your right. Forgive me up front :~) Unlike Dre I am a drinker, so some of the post will be fun, silly, and yes even crazy, but of course we will have our serious post as well. Keep in mind they will all be informative in some type of way to every reader. With the entertainment lineup this year ALL THE WAY TURNED UP it will be a complete blast for all of us. If having Ciara, Nicki Minaj, Frenchie Davis, Dondria, Kelly Rowland, Jazmine Sullivan and Fantasia just on a performing tip is not enough for you, you might want to check out for the weekend and come back Tuesday. What about the guys??? Jensen Atwood is in the city, the City Gym Boys are in the city, Raz B is in the city and with that being said, the Blatino Awards are being held IN THE CITY...what other boys could you possibly ask for? WassupNAtl, WhatsTheT, Traxx, The Lions Den, and Rockstars Productions has it all on lock this weekend.

Once the parties are over, the drinks are low, and the lube is dry you have to go home! This year we will not just be going home with a smile because of the previous night, but we will also be going home to tune into Glo TV which is premiering in ATL this weekend. Glo TV will debut this weekend as Americas First Urban LGBT Television Network! Trust me I have seen the starting lineup of shows and its not something I think you will want to miss!!!

With all of this being said, definitely stay tuned for the ride of 2010 ATL Pride, I don't think you will be disappointed! Be safe this weekend not only in the streets but also in the sheets, wrap it up if you decide you are want to go for a ride.

Any questions, comments during the weekend feel free to reach out to me @

2010 Atlanta Pride has just begun, PRESS PLAY! ....ADVANCE

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