Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Greed is Ruining Pride- Cont. Included in this Edition-Packing for Miami? Your "Must-Have" List!

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Disclaimer: I wanted to state that the opinions expressed in this article are solely mine, and not the views of AndresFlava or Mr. Andre Allen, himself.

When money is involved and greed starts to take over, Gay Pride will suffer. Even to the point where an entire black gay event is cancelled, the organizers investigated, and all the rest of us left shaking our heads. We all remember NYC Black Pride last year and its cancellation, amidst alleged financial improprieties, state and federal investigations, and, criminal investigations (
I guess most of us were left stunned, especially with the cancellation of the much anticipated park event in Brooklyn. But, in the back of our heads we knew what to expect with gay promoters especially during Pride. This notion of making as much money as you can, treating your patrons any-kind-of-way, and thinking they will always come back seems to resinate throughout Pride events and the promoters who run them. Is this idea of "let's pack 'em in" the original concept of Pride? Has the message been lost? What ever happen to unity, GLBT rights, empowerment, respect, HIV/AIDS awareness, common interests, and common goals. I think the message has been lost among all the overpriced clubs, "I'm better than you" attitudes, and among the alleged fraud, misconduct, and unethical behavior. GREED IS RUINING PRIDE.

Greed is Ruining Pride to continue tommorrow....Check it out!
Packing for Miami? Top Five Things You Need to Survive a Weekend in Miami

1. Tanktops, short sleeves and, shorts, RULE the day and night in Miami. Leave the furs, loose knit scarves, leather, and pleather at home. You will not only be left burning up and sweating, but everyone will be thinking “What made him wear that?!!? It’s the tropics! Average temperature NOW in Miami 84 degrees F and VERY HUMID, with an occasional shower almost everyday.

2. Bring lots of hygiene products and a couple of sweat rags. It’s not uncommon to break a sweat walking from the car to the hotel lobby. And the sweat rags will also come in handy in the club while you dance the night away. You also want to make sure you are smelling extra good as you search for Mr. Right.

3. Bring MONEY and lots of it. Miami is expensive! According to a recent published report posted on, Miami is ranked number 3 in the nation, as one of the most expensive cities to live. You will realize it when hit Mickey D’s for that afternoon snack. The Sizzle events are sure to put you bank account on life-support. You might only be here for a short few days, but your bank statement will make it seem you were here for a month.

4. No Sizzle VIP Card? No problem, but get ready to break the bank. Here is an alternative, if you are on a budget. Ask around about other party spots. If you didn’t buy a Sizzle VIP card for the nightclubs, you are basically screwed, if you plan to party every night at the Sizzle nightly events. The cover charge at the door ranges from $25 thru $40, depending on the night and the club. The VIP cards only covers the door and drinks are not included. Drinks in the clubs are very expensive. Last year, I paid $14 for a long island ice tea in Noctural. My advice to you, have a few cocktails before you hit the club or check out some of the local spots; Club Boi, Vault Miami, and Twist(FREE). They will be more reasonably priced, and guaranteed to be packed with hot boys as well. You will see the same boyz at each nightly Sizzle event. The only difference will be the club. You won't miss a beat, if you decide to go local a couple of nights! It will be good to have a change of pace, plus your wallet will thank you for it.

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