Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2008 Pride in the City in Brooklyn,NY CANCELLED

All events associated with People of Color in Crisis events are cancelled. As you know the beach event which takes place every year on sunday has been already cancelled and just announced the blackout series was cancelled which was suppose to take place at the Lab this Friday. All Promoters i have contacted said their parties will go on as scheduled. There is no clear reasoning for POCC which was to celebrate their 20th year of service to helping people of color living with HIV/AIDS would cancel their events. But i am thinking that it may have something to do with them being investigated by the Feds who knows. I will stay on top of this developing story and as news breaks you will hear it first. I remeber attending my first Pride in the City event back in 2005 when back then Gary English was running POCC was a difference a few years makes. Hopefully POCC can get there act together and get things in order quick and in a hurry because they are doing an injustice to the hundreds of people they service living with HIV/AIDS in the Brooklyn area.

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