Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Webseries: MILES & CAL | April1

 If you have been following the work of creator Lamont Pierre of the last 7 yrs you will know that he did a series entitled My Brother's Keeper which was a popular web series back in the day, well their was a storyline in the show between 2 of the characters Miles & Calvin that a lot of folks including myself often wondered what ever happen to them. Hence the new series coming to BOA TV called Miles & Cal.

MILES is a lonely graphic designer living alone in Los Angeles, who, through an ordinary meeting, encounters the elusive but homeless CALVIN. Together they embark on an unexpected yet extraordinary living experience with each other. This series will star
starring Tamario fletcher as Miles Willie albert Loman III as Calvin Jovanni Colon who you know from FreeFall series and Jahdai Pickett.

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