Sunday, August 31, 2014

Webseries: Judys Season 2 premier Episodes 1&2

YouTube web series JUDYS returns for its second season, premiering "The Exquisite Art of Moving the Fuck On" and "Date Like a D***, F*** Like a F**," the first two episodes of the new season on its YouTube channel Recreational Drama (

Picking up two weeks after the many events of last season, the adventures of Macen Givens (G'Mar Morton), Carvin White (Corey Pope), Ezell Frazier (Ryan Pitts) and Harper Campbell, played by the show's creator, writer and director Casey Hamilton, continue with new themes and the classic, cutting one-liners the series has become known for.

"This is the season we get to explore all the things we didn't get to really address last season--particularly love and relationships and the challenges of dating in Atlanta or in modern-day 'gay world' so it's a lot more grown-up in a sense but still colorful, still comedic and still JUDYS," says Hamilton of the new season dubbed as "#SEASON2BOO."

Premiering last year, the self-described "comedy about drama" has since gained over 4,000 YouTube subscribers of a variety of backgrounds.

"The show centers on a group of 20-something friends, referred to as 'judys,' and deals with experiences and language that are very specific to gay men but it's quite nice to see women, straight and gay, become such a dedicate part of our audience. I believe that our themes and issues are relatable to all and if nothing else, anyone from any walk of life can appreciate something that makes them laugh. I'm very proud that our little show is able to do this, even with it being a completelyindependent production."

To help with the costs of producing a scripted show independently, fans are able to contribute via GoFundMe (, which Hamilton fully endorses and encourages.

"JUDYS is a true passion project--I put this show out because I enjoy putting it out. This is one of many stories that I feel need to be told that happen to deal with the gay community and I didn't want the niche that it happens to fall in or lack of funding, deter it from ever seeing the light of day so I just did it on what I had to do it with. And now, we're in our second season so that feels great."

Episode 1

Episode 2

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