Thursday, August 2, 2012

Finding Me The Series IndieGoGo Campaign

Help Finding Me the Series come to fruition. Be a part of the movement. Join the IndieGOGO Campaign and make a contribution! 

Finding Me the Series is a spin-off from the two independent films; Finding Me and Finding Me: Truth. Created by Roger S. Omeus Jr, produced by OmeProductions and distributed by TLA Releasing, this series will continue the story of a group of twenty-something’s and their journey of self discovery in an urban back drop.

 We started this campaign because we need your help to continue creating dynamic, diverse and powerful stories. Without the financial backing of a network or distribution company, the ability to produce quality programming and reach a broad audience is impossible. Presently we are producing Finding Me the Series minisodes via YouTube - but these are breadcrumbs. We need the ability to make a serious pitch to a network by shooting a full and complete episode. This is where you come in!

Your contributions will allow us to shoot two full-length episodes, hire a proper crew including DP (Director of Photography, Camera Man, Sound/Boom Operator, Script Supervisor, PA’s (Production Assistants), Sound mixer, and an Editor. This is the equivalent of a skeleton crew of normal production, but at the moment, we don’t have this.

Our Impact

How many current original programs can you name that feature LGBT African-American characters to date? How many African-American characters that may appear on these television programs are presented with honesty, integrity and truth and exclude typical stereotypes associated with these groups? While stories in the world of Finding Me touch on universal themes of self acceptance, discovery, sexuality, relationships, love and understanding; what makes our project unique is that we spotlight these groups without these stereotypes. The LGBT and Heterosexual communities showcased in our stories present a realist portrayal that sets us apart from the majority of stories that we are used to seeing.

Our Track Record

First time filmmaker, Roger S. Omeus, Jr., gave birth to Finding Me and Finding Me: Truth which was picked up for distribution by TLA Releasing. It is rare that a filmmaker has their first two films distributed. From that point the film was screened overseas in the Grand Canary Islands, London and back to New York City. The films also won two Velocity Awards for best Supporting Actor (Eugene E. Turner) and Best Film. The follow up; Finding Me: Truth was then produced in 2009-2010 and obtained a worldwide distribution being screened in Boston MA, Houston TX, Atlanta GA and a two day theatrical release in New York City in 2011.

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