Friday, February 11, 2011

Andresflava says Goodbye 2 DC and Hello to NYC

Well once again i am transitioning in my life for the better and i really thought that DC would be that place once I left South Florida on Dec 27, 2007 for DC at the time ending my relationship and moving to a place where I thought i could make a difference like I did in South Florida. Well that was not the case while in DC for me, Folks have said that I did but i honestly dont think I did while there and as of being in NYC for only 5 days I have accomplished alot those far and have already met alot of movers and shakers in the NYC arena. I will indeed cherish the bonds that I formed while in DC and I will look at the Good, The Bad and The Ugly in DC as yet another learning experience and step in my life as I continue to press forward and not stumble back.

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