Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up Jul 17-18

I had a great weekend i attended the White Attire Affair 2010 hosted by Al Sura which was held on Saturday at the Long View Gallery in Downtown DC which saw about 250 folks come out and show their support to the HIV/AIDS community and party with a purpose. The event took place from 7pm-1am with performances Bryn't, Tamika Love Jones, Tha Kids who did a dance performance of Lady Gaga's song alejandro were some of the amazing performances i saw. On Sunday afternoon and evenin i got an opportunity to go on the set of anacostia the webseries which was an amazing expierence. There was laughter, there were tears but most of all the day was great. The cast wrap up season 2 of the series when the filmed episodes 9 and 10 and babe you are in for yet another great season which will be coming out in August so stay tuned! Cast interviews are coming up if you go down a few posts you will see my first interview with cast member Darnell Lamont Walker who talked about the show as well as his upcoming 2 plays that will take place here in DC as part as the Black Theatre Festival August 3 & 4.

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