Thursday, January 29, 2009

Luke Campbell Vows Change After Deadly Liberty City Massacre

Luke Campbell Vows Change After Deadly Liberty City Massacre

The Miami/Liberty City Hip-Hop community remains in shock following a Friday night shooting spree that's left 2 teenagers dead and 7 people wounded. Miami authorities are continuing a search for at least one masked man who used an AK-47 assault rifle on bystanders at a Liberty City grocery store on January 23. Eyewitness reports state the masked man broke up a craps game while over 50 people watched and forced the victims to the ground before opening fire. According to the Miami police department, 6 of the 9 victims were current or former students at Northwestern High School. Brandon Mills, 16, and Derrick Gloster, 18 died from their gunshot wounds.

Former 2 Live Crew member and rapper/entrepreneur "Uncle" Luke Campbell expressed his grief over the shootings. The former Liberty City resident, who continues to give back to the community as coach of the nationally acclaimed Liberty City Warriors youth football team, was shocked at the carnage.

“More people died [on that day] in the city of Miami then in Iraq,” Campbell told “The sad thing is they are kids. This needs to stop an we know how to stop it.”

A local resident detailed the horrifying scene to local station WSVN. "It was like a war zone. I witnessed this guy laying there with his face, looked like it was completely tore off," Joan Rutherford disclosed to WSVN. "His eyes [were] all I could see, and he had a grip on some money and gasping and trying to lift his head to say something." One victim remains in critical condition and underwent emergency surgery yesterday (January 24). At press time, Miami officials have issued a "plea of information" for community help to bring the gunman to justice. There has been no announced motive or suspect in the shooting.“To fight war you have to fight on the front lines,” Campbell told “Some time this week I will make a change in my life to help others. I will let you no what my plan is on Thursday.”

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